Begin Your Research

Undergraduate Research can begin in one of two ways:

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 Mentor Differences

Mentoring a student varies depending on the discipline they are studying. Arts and Humanities disciplines may require only guidance as the student works on their own individual project. While in the Mathematics and Science department, the involvement will be deeper due to the nature of the scientific experimental process.

In any of the areas, undergraduate research may include participation of the student in an ongoing faculty project. Publication of materials from these projects should include the student's name along with the faculty mentor, except in the case of individual creative work.

Human Subjects

The Institutional Review Board Committee (IRB) at Keystone College is responsible for protecting the rights of human subjects who participate in research conducted by faculty, students, professional and administrative staff.

The Committee is charged with assuring that people engaging in research as representatives of Keystone College and people who wish to use members of the campus community as human subjects honor the ethical principles set forth by the Belmont Report (1978).