Student FAQ's

Q: I'm having problems trying to logon to the KC network. I can't remember my password.

Students should contact the IT helpdesk for assistance by phone at (570) 945-8778 or by e-mail

Q: I'm registered for an online class; how do I get into my virtual classroom?

Students can access their online class by logging on to MoodleRooms  If you can't remember what your user name and password is you can contact the IT helpdesk.

Q: I've logged into KC MoodleRooms but my online class is not available. Who do I contact?

Students will have access to their online class the first day of the semester. Some instructors will allow student access to browse through their class before the semester begins. Instructors will send a "Welcome" e-mail message to the class as early as one week in advance of the first day of the semester. The e-mail will contain information about their virtual classroom. If you can not access your online class on the first day of the semester please contact the instructor.

Q: Where can I find MoodleRooms tutorials?

From the Current Student web page you can click on the Educational Technology & Media Services menu option, then select Tutorials. Now you can click on Moodle for a variety of links to self guided tutorials. A student orientation to Moodle video training has been created for KCEdTech TV Educational Technology. Visit KCEdTech frequently as new video tutorials are posted.

 Q: I'm having some technical problems when I try to access my online class. Who should I contact?

Students can contact the Moodle administrator, by e-mail Of course students should contact their online instructor immediately, if they are unable to complete course assignments because of technical issues.