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Projects & Research

2011 Winner of the Keystone Innovation Award

Thomas HarringtonThe Keystone Innovation Award is presented to a student who participates in the Spring Undergraduate Research and Creativity Celebration and whose project offers an innovative approach to a research problem.

Thomas Harrington, Visual Arts major, was the inaugural recipient of this award which was presented at the 2011 Spring Undergraduate Research and Creativity Celebration on April 27, 2011.

Thomas’ project combined art, flash animation, and website design to be used for teaching children about historical figures and events.

Glass Blowing in Keystone's Hot Shop
With a major in Visual Art and a minor in Business, our students will learn to promote themselves as artists, as well as market and sell their work.

Screening Enamels on Glass
In 2010, Senior Keith Garubba, Visual Arts major, presented his study of Screening Enamels on Glass.