Half-Way Houses, A Suitable Replacement?

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Matthew Fabbri

Graduation Year: 2013

Drug and alcohol addiction is a topic that affects many people directly or indirectly on a daily basis. Many individuals enroll in rehabilitation centers to achieve sobriety. However, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers can be costly. The research of psychology major, Matthew Fabbri, focused on whether or not half-way houses are a suitable, less expensive replacement for rehabilitation centers.

The half-way houses involved in this study were all located in Northeastern Pennsylvania and are home to approximately forty males and twenty females of varying ages and decent.

The findings of Matthew's research may be useful in determining whether or not individuals or family members struggling with alcoholism or addiction should enroll in a half-way house or stay with a conventional rehabilitation center.

Matthew plans to pursue an academic career in the field of psychology at a graduate college in Scranton after graduating from Keystone in May, 2013.