A Survey of College Students on Spaying/Neutering

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Aimee Childress

Graduation Year: 2013

As a project for the Keystone College Annual Research and Creativity celebration, 2013 Keystone graduate Aimee Childress explored how college students perceive Pennsylvania laws regarding the spaying and neutering of dogs and cats.

Each year, thousands of dogs and cats are euthanized in animal shelters across the United States. In Pennsylvania, state law requires that animals from a “releasing agency” be spayed or neutered. Aimee examined the awareness and opinions of the Pennsylvania state law on spaying and neutering by surveying 107 male and female college freshmen.

She presented the following findings:

  • Approximately 65% of those surveyed were not aware of the State law
  • A majority of males and females were neutral on agreement with the law
  • A majority of females (34%) agreed that spaying and neutering is important
  • Males had an equal agree/neutral attitude towards spaying and neutering.

After graduation in May, 2013 Aimee plans to get involved with conservation and/or wildlife research in Northeastern Pennsylvania.