WKCV 103.5 FM

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WKCV 103.5 FM, the Voice of Keystone College, is a student-run radio station and student organized club activity. It is licensed as a low-power (LP), non-commercial educational (NCE) FM station by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

The station is on-air 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and advances Keystone's educational programs as per the FCC's regulations for non-commercial educational stations. WKCV operates at 103.5 Megahertz (frequency modulation) and at an effective radiated power of 100 Watts, reaching Factoryville and the Keystone Campus Community.

WKCV is sensitive to the needs and desires of the listening audience and serves the public interest, convenience and necessity of the community and student body. The station operates in a structured, business-like manner, mandating appropriate etiquette, procedures and language.


  • Record CD-quality digital audio from events and music anywhere in the listening area
  • Perform live remote broadcasts from any location that has access to a phone line
  • Record and produce in-house high quality audio productions for campus use
  • Announce or promote any event that directly relates to the campus, community, or interest of the college
  • Cover campus-wide and community events including sports, news, music, and the arts