Students to Monitor Water Quality

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Keystone environmental resource management students participate in a project initiated by the Susquehanna River Basin Commission designed to monitor water quality conditions in portions of the Susquehanna basin.

Students assist with monitoring the water quality of the Tunkhannock Creek, which flows through Keystone’s campus, using a monitoring station that was installed by the Commission.

This is one of 30 stations in Pennsylvania and New York which will continuously record temperature, pH, conductance, dissolved oxygen, and turbidity. The data will enable water resource agencies, water users, and the public to make informed decisions regarding management and use of resources.

According to Dr. Robert Cook, professor of geology, “The network has been initiated in response to concerns of deep brines entering the waterways due to increasing gas drilling and production activities. It’s an important project and having the station on-site is a great hands-on learning opportunity for our students,” Dr. Cook said.