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Real World Experience

Migration Ecology of Hummingbirds in Belize

Hummingbird expedition

To study the Migration Ecology of Hummingbirds for BIOL 225H: Special Topics in Biology, students travel to Belize on a field experience abroad with faculty leader, Dr. Jerry Skinner. Students have the opportunity to assist with the capture and banding of Ruby-throated hummingbirds. As “citizen scientists,” the students play an integral role in conducting field work and making observations, visiting diverse habitats, and leaning about fascinating aspects of Belize’s abundant flora and fauna, natural history and fascinating Mayan culture. Get more details about Operation Ruby-throat.

Costa Rica Field Course

beautiful scenery of costa rica

Generally every May, Keystone students have the opportunity to travel abroad on a nine-day field course to study the geology and ecology of Costa Rica. Students who take this faculty-led trip visit active volcanoes, explore boiling mud pools, and take a boat trip around the Santa Elena Peninsula to explore unique rock formation that are found in only a few places on Earth. Get more details about the trip.

Internships and Experiential Learning Opportunities

Not all education happens in the classroom. Certain lessons can only be learned through direct hands-on experiences outside of the classroom with real world experiences in the field. Internships and other field experiences give students the opportunity to connect one-on-one with faculty, fellow students and other professionals. Students will acquire leadership and management skills, professional growth and personal fulfillment that can’t be gained in the classroom.