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Real World Experience

Introduction to Public Health – Chicago

This course explores the similarities and differences between the rural public health system found locally and the large urban public health system found in Chicago. Students will explore the richly diverse neighborhoods found in Chicago guided by inhabitants of each neighborhood. Cultural, historical, gender, and racial issues will be explored. Students will have the opportunity to volunteer in a variety of settings as well.

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Global Health Practicum - Africa

African ElephantAfrica is a continent of exciting economic and social developments, history, natural wonders, cultural and ethnic diversity. The continent is also littered with some of the worst challenges to humanity – poverty, and disease. The combination of despair and hope makes for eye-opening educational experiences and personal growth for undergraduates who are still in their formative stages of their training.

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Classes with Real World Experience

Maternal and Child Health – Costa Rica

Family health in Costa RicaCosta Rica is a fairly small country, but it is still one of the most biologically diverse regions in the world. Visitors can explore the Pacific or Caribbean coasts, volcanoes, and rainforests and encounter countless species of mammal, insect, reptile, and bird. While the environment is impressive, there is much more to tempt visitors to Costa Rica. Adventure waits around every corner, and the unique culture of La Pura Vida beckons through food, music, and art.

Global Health – Puerto Rico

patient with student in Puerto RicoThis course explores the main concepts of global health and the critical associations between public health and key factors in disease burden. Critical thinking about disease, the determinants of health, how health status is measured, along with the influence of various factors including social, economic, and political issues on health of communities and individuals is emphasized. Discussion of specific disease states and key concerns of nutrition, infectious disease, reproductive health, child survival, communicable disease as well as chronic disease will be introduced to students. This course is global in scope but a focus on the developing world is included. This global emphasize comes through a trip to Puerto Rico with an exploration of the Puerto Rican public health system along with their culture. Students will volunteer in local venues, visit clinical sites, cultural sites, and the Ponce School of Medicine. The natural wonders of Puerto Rico will also be explored since environment plays a very important role in the health of the population.