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About the Program

Biological Science: Natural Sciences - Wildlife Biology

The Wildlife Biology concentration at Keystone College is an environmentally-focused program that integrates zoology, botany, ecology, geology and chemistry.

Keystone College provides a wonderful learning atmosphere utilizing our unique location in northeast Pennsylvania. Keystone College boasts a 165-acre Woodland Campus, ponds, streams, wetlands, Lake Manataka Environmental Field Station, and Little Rocky Glen provide unparalleled learning opportunities in Wildlife Biology.

Field experiences are focused on understanding ecosystems including exposure to a wide variety of habitats, field observations, and collection and analysis of data. Students are expected to be able to identify flora and fauna of an area and learn collection, observation, and census techniques. Wildlife Biology students also have the opportunity to participate in field work abroad in locations such Belize and Costa Rica.

The Wildlife Biology concentration offers a rigorous program of study in science related to the wildlife and the environment. This major is designed to provide students with a foundation in cellular biology, whole organism, evolutionary biology and environmental science, ecology as well as in chemistry and mathematics. 

The Wildlife Biology program is designed to meet the educational needs of students interested in ecology, zoology, and related fields. The curriculum is enhanced by Field Biology courses in fish, birds, reptiles and amphibians, plant identification, and stream ecology.