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Careers & Alumni

A Public Health degree can be used in the following areas:

    Medical and Public Health Social Workers were listed on the list of 2011 High Priority Occupations in the Health Care Industry Cluster for the state of Pennsylvania, having shown positive growth from 2006-2008 of 5.75%.  The Industry Cluster Wage listed for 2009 was $46,328.

    Medical and Public Health Social Workers were also listed as 2011 High Priority Occupations in Lackawanna County Workforce Investment Area (WIA), Luzerne-Schuylkill Counties WIA, and Northern Tier WIA. The annual average salaries for each WIA in 2009 were $42,960, $38,610, and $41,410 respectively. 

    The Keystone College Promise

    A pledge to first-time, full-time students in good academic, financial, and social standing.

    Keystone College asserts that within six months after graduating from Keystone and fulfilling the requirements of the Career Development Center, you will have received at least one job offer, or where appropriate, be accepted into a transfer or graduate program. In the event this does not occur, we will provide you with additional courses and career counseling at no additional charge.