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"Promise of Success" - Graduates of Allied Health programs at Keystone College have been accepted into bachelor degree programs at Florida Gulf Coast University, Keiser University, Marywood University, Milikan University, Misericordia University, Penn State University, Robert Marris University, SUNY Upstate Medical, Thomas Jefferson University, the University of Scranton, and William Patterson.

Keystone graduates of the Allied Health Program have been hired by Allied Services, CMC Hopsital, Gentex, Moses Taylor Hospital, St. Joseph's Center, and Tyler Memorial Hospital.

What do Occupational Therapists do?

Occupational Therapists help people improve their ability to perform tasks of daily living. They work with individuals who have mentally, physically, developmentally, or emotionally related disabilities.

Is This a Career for Me?

A bachelor's degree in Occupational Therapy is required for a license. Keystone provides the first two years of basic science education before transfer to another college for an additional two years for the BS.

Occupational therapists need to be good communicators, and have strong skills in attention to details. They need to be sensitive to patient needs.

What do Respiratory Therapists do?

Respiratory Therapists perform studies of pulmonary function in patients, aid in pulmonary treatment and exercise, assist physicians in diagnosis and treatment of patients with heart and lung abnormalities, they educate patients and families, and they draw blood as well as mechanically ventilate patients who cannot breathe adequately.

Is This a Career for Me?

Respiratory Therapists must be legally credentialed. This is a bachelor's degree program with the first two years at Keystone and the next two years at the articulating institution.

A Respiratory Therapist needs to be sensitive to patient's needs, pay close attention to details, and work well as part of a team. They need to be good critical thinkers, able to follow instructions and have some mechanical ability and manual dexterity in order to operate complex machinery.

Career Opportunities

Occupational therapists work in hospitals, nursing care facilities, home health agencies, and outpatient care centers.

Respiratory Therapists work in hospitals, nursing homes, home health agencies and doctor's offices.

The Keystone College Promise

A pledge to first-time, full-time students in good academic, financial, and social standing.

Keystone College asserts that within six months after graduating from Keystone and fulfilling the requirements of the Career Development Center, you will have received at least one job offer, or where appropriate, be accepted into a transfer or graduate program. In the event this does not occur, we will provide you with additional courses and career counseling at no additional charge.