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About the Program

Accelerated Certification Program - Early Childhood /Special Education

The accelerated certification program in Early Childhood/Special Education is designed to provide individuals who have obtained a bachelor’s degree with coursework in education. The program targets the development of skilled individuals who can utilize best practices for planning and preparing environments and instruction in early childhood education classrooms.

Keystone College provides a high-quality, streamlined accelerated certification program, which builds on student backgrounds and strengths and provides a clear route for timely completion. Sequenced advising for the Early Childhood / Special Education accelerated program delineates pre-requisites for admission to the program and enumerates each venue in which the courses are offered.

The process takes prospective students through a thorough intake mechanism that is adaptable and responsive to the candidate’s needs. Keystone is responsive to a candidate’s previous educational qualifications and work experiences. The College provides opportunities for candidates to engage in credit by assessment and prior learning assessment, which maximize vehicles to promote a candidate’s ease of navigating the program.

There is a 39 credit accelerated certification program in Early Childhood / Special Education available for students who already have an existing Instructional I certificate in ECE (Pre-K-3), Elementary Education (K-6) and/or ECE (Pre-K-4). The 60 credit program is required for those who do not have an existing Instructional I certificate. 

Obtaining the Certification

Keystone College will consider an individual for admission to the accelerated certification program who has an overall GPA of 3.0 in their undergraduate degree. In the event an individual is interested in pursuing an education certificate and does not have a 3.0 GPA, the student will be allowed to take 12 credits in the discipline. After the completion of the 12 credits, an admissions assessment based on the student’s ability to perform academically at a 3.0 or higher GPA coupled with an assessment based on the Skills and Disposition Scale will be made.

Students must submit an application for formal admission to the program and that application MUST be accompanied by the candidate’s Livetext credential portfolio, developed in line with the portfolio guidelines, which provide documentation that the candidate has met all of the pre-requisites for admission into the education program.

Field Placements

Field placements for students will be customized to ensure non-duplicative or repetitive assignments; rather, field work will target gaps in experiences to promote and refine content expertise in the discipline of early childhood and early childhood/special education. A minimum of 150 hours of classroom field observation is required prior to the student teaching experience. Field experiences are integrated into coursework in each semester and are generally scheduled Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Tuition and Costs

The exact costs will vary based on a student's status (full-time/part-time, residency) and meal plan and housing selections. Additionally, a student may incur other fees depending on his/her course of study.