Honors Courses

Enriched College Writing Course
All incoming Honors students will be enrolled in a special section of English 101 (College Writing I-Academic Writing). Workshops for peer editing and revision complement teacher/student interaction both in and outside the classroom. The Honors section will contain an enriched curriculum and be taught by a senior faculty member.

Honors-Designated Courses
Students will be required to enroll in 18 Honors-designated credits in addition to the enriched English 101 course. (Students pursuing an associate degree will be required to enroll in 9 Honors-designated credits). A contract will be signed by the student and faculty for each Honors-designated course, outlining more in-depth, enriched requirements. Most of the College's courses can be taken for Honors designation.

As seniors, honors students will complete an honors project and presentation in conjunction with their capstone experience.

Non-eligible Honors Courses

All Keystone courses are eligible to be taken for Honors Designation by students in the Honors Program, with the permission of the instructor, except the following:

IDS 101, COMM 107, PHED 105, CIS 106, IT 105, MATH 101, MATH 102, SCI 100, ACCT 103, ACCT 108, ACCT 110, IT 240, IT 245, IT 401A through 407A, all 100-level ART studio courses, all 223 and 423 Field Experience/Internship/ Student Teaching courses, CO-OP 295/296/297, and all DVED courses.