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Sarah Langan

Sarah Langan

  Country Visited: Belize

"My trip to Belize really opened my eyes to all the wonderful and beautiful things that are going on in the world every day. If I had to summarize it in one sentence, it would simply be; Best spring break ever! with no exaggeration."

Rachel Balon

Rachel Balon

  Country Visited: Galway, Ireland

“Is this real life?” That is the phrase that burned in my mind as I stared out into the raging ocean at the edge of a seven hundred foot cliff.  I muttered to myself. In that moment, I realized this was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.. something so beautiful, so powerful, so foreign to me, that it was overwhelmingly humbling.

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Dr. Ian Saginor

Geology in Costa Rica

  Faculty Leader: Dr. Ian Saginor

Many people travel to Costa Rica, but few have the opportunity to see the country like we do.

Dr. Jerry Skinner

Hummingbird Expedition to Belize

  Faculty Leader: Dr. Jerry Skinner

Operation Hummingbird class credit in BIOL 225, Special Topics.

Karen Yarrish, Ph.D

International Business & Economics Conference in Paris

  Faculty Leader: Karen Yarrish, Ph.D

Keystone College faculty member, Karen Yarrish, Ph.D. and student, Walter Pawelzik presented a paper at the International Business & Economics Conference in Paris.

Frank Goryl

Experiencing the Arts in Italy

  Faculty Leader: Frank Goryl

Adjunct instructor Frank Goryl led a group of four Keystone art students to Italy for ART 305A, Experiencing the Arts in Italy.