Study Abroad

Can you imagine living in France while taking the same business class you would be taking here at Keystone or, working with an environmental biologist in Costa Rica? How about studying ceramics in Italy? Keystone College students have many opportunities to travel and see the world through faculty-led trips and individual study abroad programs. Study abroad opportunities are available each semester and can be one of the most exciting learning experiences of a lifetime.

Student Trip

Sarah Langan

Sarah Langan

  Country Visited: Belize

"My trip to Belize really opened my eyes to all the wonderful and beautiful things that are going on in the world every day. If I had to summarize it in one sentence, it would simply be; Best spring break ever! with no exaggeration."

Choose a Study Abroad Program

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To ensure that our students have a safe and amazing study abroad experience, Keystone has partnered with Cultural Experiences Abroad (CEA)

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BCA offers more than a dozen study abroad programs at academic centers around the world, serving hundreds of students each year.

Global Learning semesters

Global Learning Semesters operates transformative semester and summer study abroad programs for students that blend college coursework with travel.

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The School for Field Studies creates transformative study abroad experiences through field-based learning and research.