Traveling Outside of the U.S.

Travel: F-1 Students

Before students leave the United States, they should make sure they have the following documents to re-enter the United States to continue their studies:

Valid U.S. Visa

The visa is the stamp in the passport and indicates the type of visa, the expiration date, and number of entries permitted.  As long as the visa indicates F-1, is multiple-entry, and has not yet expired, the student does not need to apply for a new visa (if he/she plans to enter the U.S. with an I-20).

Valid Form I-20

If students plan to remain at the same school after re-entering the U.S., they can use the I-20 which has been endorsed on page 3 by the International Student Advisor (Designated School Official).  The I-20 should be endorsed within the semester the student is traveling.  If the student requires a new I-20 because the information on the front of the I-20 has changed, students will need to reverify their financial support.

NOTE:  Only the DSO can sign the I-20.  Do not ask faculty or staff.

Travel to Other Countries While on F-1 U.S. Visa

Students should always check with the U.S. consulate in the country in which they will apply for a visa. Each post follows U.S. laws and regulations but has its own procedures in issuing visas. This information changes frequently, and we can't advise on all of the exceptions.