Shipping to Keystone College

Shipping Options

International Parcel Post
Packages under a certain weight can be mailed by International Parcel Post. This method is usually less expensive than using a shipping company. Consult your local post office for details.

Shipping Company
Local shipping companies can send unaccompanied baggage and packages to the United States. We suggest you confirm that your local shipping company has an agent in the United States to ensure that your baggage and/or packages clear customs.


If you plan to mail or ship something for your arrival, use the address below.
(Your Name)
c/o Shirley Michaels
Keystone College
PO Box 50 One College Green
Sickler Hall
La Plume, PA 18440


Visit the U.S. Department of Customs for information regarding items to bring or not to
bring to the U.S.