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Belize, Operation Ruby-throat: Migration Ecology of Hummingbirds
Trip Date:March 14-21, 2015

BIOL 225H – Special Topics in Biology: Operation Ruby-throat: Migration Ecology of Hummingbirds

Faculty Leader:  Dr. Jerry Skinner –

Credits: 3

Students will travel to the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary in north central Belize and assist with the capture and banding of Ruby-throated hummingbirds.  Students will study other neotropical migrant and resident bird species through in-hand views and comprehensive presentations.  The students will explore and photograph other Belizean flora and fauna on the grounds surrounding the Bird’s Eye View Lodge, including endemic flowers and a wildlife sanctuary where you will encounter a bounty of beautiful birds.

Total Cost: Approximately $3,000.00  - Check with Dr. Skinner

Includes:  International airfare, transportation to and from Newark, trip insurance, all in country accommodations, transportation, expert local guide, activities, and meals.  Beverages with meals consist of teas, juices, and processed water.

Application Deadline: November 24, 2014
Phone: 570-945-8252
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