Service Learning Perspective

Credits earned while serving the community!

Service-Learning is a structured experiential learning experience that provides students with the opportunity to meet academic objectives through provision of community service. Ideally, students work with community members to identify needs, develop and implement projects to meet those needs and then reflect on the value of the experience for the community and themselves.

About the Courses

A service learning (SL) course is one in which service learning is central and essential to the course content and goals. While service learning designated courses are usually 200 or higher level courses, service learning projects may also be a component of lower level courses (ex: IDS).

Rubric Service Learning Course Designation Form (PDF)

A service learning course is one that contains a service learning project with the following characteristics:

A student who does not complete a service learning project cannot pass a service learning designated course.

Approved Service Learning Courses (PDF)

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