General Education Requirements and Institutional Learning Outcomes

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The General Education courses are the foundational components of all Keystone College degrees. In these courses students learn skills that employers, educators, and graduate schools have identified as critical for students to have in order to compete effectively in the new global economy: communication, problem solving and critical thinking, quantitative and qualitative reasoning.

General Education Requirements

To meet the General Education requirements, all Keystone students take four required courses:

  1. First Year Seminar
  2. College Writing I: Academic Writing
  3. College Writing II: Writing About Literature
  4. Speech Communication

    Students then choose a set number of courses from within several disciplines:

    1. Arts and Humanities
    2. Ethics
    3. Health and wellness
    4. Mathematics
    5. Natural Science
    6. Social and Behavioral Sciences

    Institutional Learning Outcomes

    The final pieces of the General Education Core are the Institutional Student Learning Outcomes (ISLOs):

    The ISLOs represent the core values embedded within the Keystone Curriculum. These six learning outcomes are those that make a Keystone education unique and the knowledge students gain in the specific ISLO courses will help them thrive in an ever-changing world.

    1. Diversity Perspective
    2. Environmental Sustainability Perspective
    3. Global Perspective
    4. Self-Directed and Independent Learning Perspective
    5. Service Learning Perspective
    6. Writing Intensive Perspective