Seismic Monitoring Station

Monitor global earthquakes in near real-time from a seismograph that was acquired by Keystone College through the Lamont Doherty Cooperative Seismic Network (LCSN). The LCSN is run out of the Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, which is affiliated with Columbia University in New York, and has seismometers all over the northeastern United States. Keystone College is the only local college to have such a facility and it is one of the few located in Pennsylvania.       

The purpose of the seismometer is not to predict earthquakes, but it will aid in learning more about how and where earthquakes happen.

August 2011 Seismic activity

August 23, 2011 earthquake data: Image of the data from the earthquake as recorded on Keystone's seismometer. The red spike on the upper left  of the graph at 6:00 indicates activity from the Colorado quake that occurred earlier in the day. The black spike on the right hand side is the earthquake that occurred in Virginia. The red on the lower left is the end of the VA earthquake.

View the Seismic Activity

Monitor the seismic data at anytime using an Internet connection. It is free to the public and is updated within minutes of the data arriving at the station. There is also a flat screen display, located in Capwell Science Hall, that displays our data along with a map of all recent worldwide earthquakes.

Due to increased web traffic following an earthquake, users may have trouble accessing the LCSN seismic monitoring website.