Hydrogeology Laboratory

well field installation hydrogeology experiment

Hydrogeology is the field of geology that deals with movement and distribution of underground water in the rocks and soil of the earth’s surface. Water is the most important natural resource to mankind so it is important to learn the distribution and movement of water to protect this resource.

The Hydrogeology Laboratory at Keystone College is located in a sediment-filled valley along Ackerly Creek. The well-field consists of nine ground water monitoring wells ranging in diameter from ¾ inch to 4 inches and extending to depths of approximately 30 feet and is used for teaching applied hydrogeology to students in Keystone’s Environmental Resource Management and Geology programs.

Keystone has the instrumentation for monitoring water levels and water quality in wells and also has licensed state-of-the-art ground water modeling software These tools are currently used by our in the Hydrogeology Laboratory for learning: