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Announcements and Updates for Testing

Special Education Test Design Changes

The Special Education PK–8 and Special Education 7–12 tests are undergoing structural changes effective June 23, 2014. The changes involve a small reduction in the number of multiple-choice questions on each module and the addition of a 15-minute break between modules when both modules are taken together during a single test session. 

More about the Special Education Testing

Announcement from PA Department of Education

Effective September 1, 2013 the Secretary of Education has established an alternative means for candidates seeking educator certification in Pennsylvania  to meet the requirements set forth in 22 PA Code 49.18 Assessment. 

Read more about the alternative means for certification.

Attention PECT PreK-4 Candidates  - Division of Professional Education and Teacher Quality

On May 16, 2014, the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) approved lowering the qualifying scores on each module of the PECT Pre K–4 test by 1.0 Standard Error of Measurement (S.E.M.). The PDE will apply the new scores retroactively to all tests taken since the inception of the program in April 2012.

Pearson will update their score reporting system to reflect the new cut scores on June 23, 2014. PDE will apply the cut scores and GPA chart to all applications in TIMS starting immediately. Pearson is also placing a message on the Pennsylvania page of the Pearson website that notifies candidates of the change in cut scores and advises them to check their scores before they register to take a PreK-4 module again.

Learn More about this refund policy.

Discipline Specific Exams

Education students anticipating being recommended for certification must ensure they have taken and passed the appropriate exams for their specific discipline.

Art Education

Early Childhood Education

Special Education

Math Education

Social Studies Education

Middle Level Grades 4-8


For more information on each exam type, qualifying test scores and to register for examination registration, visit the Pennsylvania Educator Certification Tests website.

Praxis Pass Rate

Keystone College praxis pass rate for the 2012-13 Academic Year.

Keystone College

Number Taking Assessment

Number Passing Assessment

Institutional Pass Rate

All program Completers, 2012-2013







ETS Title II Reporting Services / HEOA- Title II

Statewide praxis pass rate for 2012-13 Academic Year


Number Taking Assessment

Number Passing Assessment

Statewide Pass Rate

All program Completers, 2012-2013







ETS Title II Reporting Services / HEOA- Title II