Vision, Mission, Purpose

The Communications Arts and Humanities Division has a Vision, Mission, Purpose, and Value statement that is specific to this division, and its students.


The division of Communication Arts and Humanities prepares students for a successful and productive future in which they are able to communicate articulately and appropriately, read critically, react fairly and sensitively, and plan realistically.


The mission of the CAH division is to promote excellence within Communication Arts and Humanities by educating students who will be able to apply theory to shape real world situations, both interpersonal and societal, through appropriate communication and life skills. The mission includes, but is not limited to, appropriate mastery of written, verbal, presentation, and technological skills, combined with sensitive and appropriate personal and interpersonal decision making, all leading to a well-educated graduate.


The purpose of the curricula housed in the division of Communication Arts and Humanities, which include the pre-major, liberal studies, communications, and communication arts and humanities majors, is to provide undergraduate education that prepares graduates to enter the workplace or to transfer into a program of graduate study.