Strategic Plan

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Carrying Our Legacy of Excellence Forward

As an institution committed to excellence, Keystone College will continue to succeed only if we support a culture of continuous improvement where everyone can participate as we face future challenges and changes.

Months of discussion and meetings among all sectors of the College community and intense work by the Strategic Planning Committee has resulted in the creation of a new fiveyear Strategic Plan based on the College’s vision, mission, and core values.

Goals of Strategic Plan 2013-2017

Academic Excellence
Offer quality academic programs and services that will enable our students to succeed in an increasingly complex and global market place. 

Improve and expand our facilities and the campus environment to support enhanced student learning and living.

Active and Engaged Students
Increase the retention and graduation rates of Keystone College students. 

Committed Faculty & Staff
Recruit and retain a diverse and talented faculty and staff committed to student success. 

Promote those characteristics of Keystone College that distinguish and differentiate us from other colleges and universities.

Financial Strength
Enhance the capacity of Keystone College to engage alumni and outside constituents to raise funds that advance the mission of the College.

Download PDF Keystone College Strategic Plan 2013-2017 (PDF)

Download PDF Actions Accomplished 2013-2014 (PDF)