Dining Services Green Initiatives

Campus Dining Services at Keystone College, managed by the internationally known company Sodexo proudly adheres to the following green initiatives:

"Trayless Tuesdays"
On Tuesday's throughout the semester, students will find a great variety of healthy food to choose from, but no trays to carry it with.  Why not? When students use plates without trays, the amount of waste decreases by 1 ounce per plate.  Research also shows that when trays are removed from dining locations, less food is wasted, less energy is consumed, and the amount of water and detergents needed is greatly reduced.

BioMass Packaging
These products are all fully biodegradable and are cornstarch, sugar cane, wheat, bamboo, rice, potato, or vegetable oil-based.  The products include: knives, forks, spoons, cups, and plates.  Unbleached paper products including food wraps, paper bags, napkins, food containers, and boxes are compostable and carbon-neutral.

Green Mountain Coffee Products
Green Mountain is a Fair Trade Certified product.  Fair Trade guarantees farmers both a fair and minimum price for their crops. The use of Fair Trade products also ensures that the methods by which the products are harvested are conducted in a fair and equitable way for both the parties involved as well as the environment.

All fryer oil and cardboard is recycled.

PA Grown Organic Foods
Pennsylvania-grown organic foods are used in our dining facilities. Dairy products are purchased from Lehigh Valley Farms. Many of these dairy products are produced locally in Wyoming County.