Thomas G. Cupillari Observatory

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Thomas G. Cupillari Observatory, located just eight miles northeast of the Keystone College, LaPlume campus, was opened in 1973 and serves as instruction for the Keystone College students, and sky observation of the local community. Public lectures and viewing opportunities are offered during various sessions throughout the year. These programs allow the public to directly view the wonders of the universe through the observatory's historical telescope. Rated on a scale of zero to 10, zero representing perfection, the 9-1/2 inch glass in Keystone's telescope scores about a two, to enable perfect star gazing on a clear night.

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Directions to Observatory

The Observatory is located at the intersection of Route 107 and Hack Road. To get to the Observatory from I-81, Take Exit 202 off 81 and head west towards Fleetville.

From I-81 North turn left on Route 107; from I-81 South turn right on Route 107. Travel 1.8 miles and turn left onto Hack Road. Observatory entrance road is on your left.

From Keystone College, Main Campus in LaPlume. West on Route 6 & 11, then turn right onto Route 107. Continue 7 miles then turn right onto Hack Road. Observatory entrance road is on your left.

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Observatory Thomas G. Cupillari Telescope Obsevatory with scope Building with Roll Off Roof