Online Learning FAQ's

1.) What courses are being offered online at Keystone College?
Search for current online offerings in My KC.

2.) Who's eligible to take an online class?
The student must have taken any required prerequisites and have the necessary technology skills. Although students enrolling in online classes are not required to have a technology background, there are some student expectations you will need to consider. Take the Self Assessment

3.) What technology is required?
All of the online courses require the following system requirements:

Many courses may require plug-ins.

In addition, individual courses may have additional requirements for technology, pre-requisites, or skills. Please click on the course in which you're interested to determine what other specific requirements there may be. Some instructors require proctored exams.

If you are having a computer problem and need additional technical support you can contact Keystone College Information Technology Department at 570-945-8778 during normal college operating hours.

4.) What skills are needed?
Please click here to take the self-assessment to determine whether you're a good candidate for online learning. Please take the quiz (be honest with yourself) and score your results based on the scoring directions provided. Read what the assessment has to say about your online readiness based on your score.

You should also be aware that learning online isn't easier or less work. It is more flexible to your schedule. It's also not self-paced. You'll be expected to complete certain components of the course and complete assignments on time. In addition, many courses may require participation in online discussion which will also have due dates for postings.

It is definitely, a different way to learn.  Good candidates for online learning welcome new experiences, can deal with technical glitches, are patient and persistent, and are unlikely to panic when things go wrong.

In addition to being a good candidate to learn online, you must be able to access your Keystone College e-mail account and, of course, Blackboard.

5.  I can't wait to get started. How do I get into the course?
If you are a current student at Keystone College, you can register for your online course through My KC. Please note that online classes are designated as section "OL". If you are a new student or returning student, please contact the registrar's office by telephone at (570)945-8224 to register. Once a new student is registered, they will be assigned a student identification number and user name to access the Keystone web. You can contact the IT Help Desk for your user name and password.

If you have any questions, please contact the Coordinator of  Online Learning via e-mail online@keystone.edu or by telephone at (570) 945-8422 or toll free 1-877-4-College ext.8422.

6. Classes begin in just a few weeks -- now what do I need for my online class?
Check your KC e-mail for any updates from faculty regarding your online course. Some faculty may choose to send an introductory e-mail a week or so before the semester begins. If you are experiencing any difficulties in accessing the Keystone web to activate your e-mail account, please contact the Help Desk at (570)-945-8200, option 1 or e-mail helpdesk@keystone.edu.

If this is your first time taking an online class at Keystone College, please check out our page on MoodleRooms to familiarize yourself with this online course management system. If you need further assistance after completing tutorials, you can contact the Educational Technologist at keystone@onlinecoursesupport.com

Buy your textbook. You can purchase your textbooks online at Efollett or by visiting the Campus Shoppe in the Hibbard Campus Center at Keystone College. Some online courses require you to use an access code that is purchased with your textbook. This access code will allow you to download files from the publisher's website. Please contact the Campus Shoppe for the required text books for your online course.

All ONLINE classes begin with the traditional schedule. (Weekender students please keep this in mind).Don't delay logging into your course. Just as in face-to-face classes, faculty will record your "attendance" and post due dates for assignments.