Campus Safety Department FAQ's

What can happen if I have a car on campus without a permit?
Any vehicle parked on Keystone College property without being registered, and displaying a permit may be ticketed, booted and/or towed at owner's expense. 

What should I do if I have to replace my permit?
Students who purchase a new car but have the same license plate will be charged $5.00 for a new sticker.  Students who purchase a new car with a new license plate will be charged $25.00.

What if I can not find a parking spot near my dorm or office?
The responsibility for finding a legal space rests with the motor vehicle operator.  Inability to locate a convenient spot is not an excuse for violating College parking regulations.  

When are College parking regulations enforced?
College parking rules, regulations and enforcement are in effect all year, including periods when classes are not in session as well as weekends.