Student Activities FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions from the Office of Student Activities

Q:  What is KC Kash? 
A:  KC Kash are little tokens that the Student Activities Crew, Residence Life, and Commuter Life give to students at events.  These tokens are worth $1 dollar and can be redeemed in the Office of Student Activities for a voucher.  This money is placed on your student ID and can be used in the Giants' Grill, Bookstore and the Student Restaurant. 

Q:  How can I get a list of clubs and organizations offered at Keystone?
A:  Our most up to date list of clubs and organizations is located on our website under Student Life.  Check them out!

Q:  How can I start my own club on campus?
A:  Our Student Senate oversees the formation of new clubs.  If you do not find a club that interests you from our offerings, stop by the Student Senate office on the first floor of the Hibbard Campus Center to get a new club packet.

Q:  Where can I find out about the events and activities offered?
A:  Our online events calendar has the most recent listing of events and activities offered on campus.  We also have bulletin boards in each residence hall dedicated to student activities. Chalk boards and flyers fill the campus center with opportunities to read up on events for the upcoming week. All bulletin boards are updated on a weekly basis so keep your eyes open for new events!

Q:  Can I bring a friend to an activity if he/she is not a Keystone student?
A:  You sure can.  We welcome anyone who wishes to visit our campus; however, you as a Keystone College student will be responsible for his/her actions if an incident occurs.

Q:  Can I make suggestions for events and activities?
A:  Absolutely!!!  We want you to get involved, so stop in and see us.  If we aren't in, leave us a message in the suggestion box!

Q:  Can I get a ride from campus to the Scranton area?
A:  Yes!  We are thrilled to have our Keystone Express Bus service available.  Check out our online schedule!