Departments and Offices

Tutoring Office

Tutoring is offered free of charge for Keystone College students. Students may contact the office on-line, by phone or walk-in to arrange tutoring. Peer tutors are students with a 3.0 GPA or higher that have received recommendations from faculty and have been trained to assist students. Professional tutors are faculty, staff or professionals in the field. Supplemental instruction is offered in limited classes in which a group study is facilitated by a former student or professional that attends the designated class. Tutoring may not be readily available, due to the diverse nature of curricular offerings; however all requests will be addressed as soon as possible. Students that expect to need help are advised to notify the Tutoring office as soon as possible to coordinate services. The Tutoring office focuses on writing and mathematics in a lab setting.

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The Tutoring office coordinates requests for academic help from students by offering regular stop-in hours and providing hours by appointment with peer and professional tutors. Study groups are offered and supplemental instruction from a tutor that attends the designated class is provided on a limited basis. The Tutoring Center maintains a Writing and Math lab in Patrick Hall. Other tutoring is arranged by appointment to occur at a mutually convenient location for the Tutor and the Tutee.