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Health Services

It is the mission of Health Services to provide quality health care to the students at Keystone College without regard to race, gender, ethnic heritage, or sexual orientation; create a campus atmosphere of wellness to facilitate healthy lifestyle choices for students, staff and faculty; educate students to be conscientious health care consumers; and be available to provide compassionate care, but also to promote self care and independence in our students.

Infectious Disease Information

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Health Services Requirements and Instructions PDF

Student Health Portal

We are excited to be using the STUDENT HEALTH PORTAL that will give you access to submit all required health forms, emergency contact information, immunizations and copies of your completed physical exam, consent forms and copies of health insurance cards.  Deadline to submit your information on our Student Health Portal is January 15, 2016. Use you Keystone College username and password to log in.

Health History and Physical

This information is CONFIDENTIAL and is to be used strictly by Health Services as an aid in providing health care. No information will be released without knowledge and written consent.

All full-time students are required to complete and submit the following information to Health Services before registering for classes:

Part-time students must complete these forms if they wish to use the Health Service office.

Tuberculosis Screening

All full time students (12 credits or more) are required to complete a TB Risk Assessment and Screening Tool forms biennially. Students deemed “high-risk” by their health care provider and Health Services must then have a tuberculosis (TB) skin test or Interferon Gamma Release Assay (IGRA) testing preformed. Additional information will be available on the Student Health Portal in July 2015.

See Full Tuberculosis Screening Policy


All traditional full-time students attending the La Plume campus must have a physician or physician extender signed record of required immunizations. Those students who choose not to have the required vaccinations must contact Health Services to receive educational materials and submit a letter stating their refusal of immunizations. Documentation from physician or clergy is also appreciated. If there is an outbreak of communicable diseases, for which a vaccine exists, students with vaccine waivers may be asked to vacate their room until deemed safe to return.

We highly recommend the following immunizations:

Student Health Insurance Policy

Keystone College expects all full-time students to carry personal health insurance. Effective August 22, 2015, Keystone College no longer sponsors a student health insurance plan. All College Athletes and International Students must provide proof of health insurance coverage. International students can contact Shirley Michaels for assistance at 00-1-(570) 945-8252 or email

Read full Health Insurance Policy

Multiple services are available to assist in acquiring the insurance policy best suited to the students’ needs. Students that do not have Health Insurance are encouraged to visit these helpful sites:

Insurance Notice from PA Insurance Department (PDF)

Students Studying Abroad

Health Services would like to help prepare those students who are interested in studying abroad. Please stop in or call so we can assist you. You may need to start immunizations a month or so before you actually leave for your trip so it is important to let us know your plans at least 2 months in advance.

You can view some of this information at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Click on traveler health information and select the country you are interested in.


Counseling Services at Keystone College are free and confidential for any student that is feeling the pressure of college life.

Suspected Child Abuse Policies and Procedures

Keystone College strives to protect the well-being of minors visiting campus and/or participating in College-sponsored off-campus programs and is committed to complying with the Pennsylvania Child Protective Services Law.  If a person witnesses child abuse or has cause to reasonably suspect that child abuse has occurred, they should utilize the steps in the Mandatory Child Abuse Reporting Policy to file a report.