The Board of Trustees oversees the operation of Keystone College and shall have and exercise the corporate powers prescribed by the laws of Pennsylvania.  The essential functions of the Board covers policy making, the assurance of sound management, and active participation in the provision of necessary funds.  The Board has ultimate responsibility to determine general, educational, financial and related policies deemed necessary for the administration and development of Keystone College in accordance with its stated purposes and goals.

The Board meets three times during the year.

2015-2016 Board of Trustees

Joyce M. Avila
Mikal E. Belicove '86
Susan S. Belin, chair
James C. Clark
David L. Coppola, Ph.D., president
Jon S. Craighead, treasurer 
Jonathan L. Davis '80
Susan Scranton Dawson
Jack Michael Duff '79
Alex P. Fried
Robert L. Kagler '57
Richard T. Krebs '96
Gretchen Ludders '72
Dorothy D. Mackie '52, secretary


Bernadine J. Munley, Esq.
Gerard T. O'Donnell
Jane E. Oppenheim
Diane C. Paparo '76
Judith Gardner Price, Esq.
John F. Pullo, Sr. '69, second vice chair
Letha Wells Reinheimer
Thomas G. Speicher '72
Suzanne Fisher Staples '65
Robert H. Swartley '75, first vice chair
Joyce E. Tressler
Betty J. Turock, Ph.D. '53
David L. Turock, Ph.D. '77
Jonathan Vipond III

Trustees Emeriti
Charles F. Kennedy
William A. Lees '51
James J. McLaughlin